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About Us

DE1 Car Care Products is a car care products distributor and own an online store that cater to sells, provide product informations and enquire about our easy to use premium car care products that would improve the appearance and maintain of their car to a show room condition.

DE1 Car Care Products is more than an online store, having over 20 years experiences in car detailing and extensive knowledge about car care products, every product listed is being tried and tested by our staff to ensure it meet our objective of easy to use yet deliver spectacular results and in the mission to add more products to the line as time goes.

DE1 car care products believe services is important to us, customers looking to improve the appearance of their vehicle can talk to our friendly staff about their requirements and perhaps a quick demo of the effective techniques and the right products to use to suit their lifestyle.  After all cars are meant to be driven but with the appropriate technique and protection of a product you can assure that your investment will go a long way…