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Claying Combo



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Poorboy's World 'Claying Combo' will dramatically clean and rejuvenate the shine in your car while removing surface contaminants that washing and polishing cannot remove.

The kit contains the following:

Poorboy's Clay Bar (200g) - a fine grade clay bar that is suitable for all painted finishes, it removes contamination including overspray, tree sap, and road grimes and it's gentle enough to be used for spot cleaning and before polishing.

Poorboy's Clay Lube (946ml) - Super slick and easy to wipe off - minimises scratches and eliminates stains. Exactly what you want in a clay bar lubricant! Poorboy's World Clay Lube is a super slippery lubricant designed to provide the perfect amount of lubrication for clay bars and clay bar alternatives to pick up surface contaminants effortlessly.

Don't waste time washing your vehicle after claying it! With Poorboy's World Clay Lube, all you have to do is wipe away to a clean, stain free polish-ready surface.