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How To Apply Car Wax & Paint Sealants

Both Sealants and Waxes are intended to give your car surface a layer of shine and protection against harmful environment factors that can damage it like dirt, dust, UV, bird droppings and acid rain. Dirt and particle will find it harder to stick to a slick surface and hence making cleaning easy.

Most waxes contain natural ingredients like Carnauba and is preferred among collectors and enthusiasts Waxing 1because of a deep warm glow it creates. Most carnauba wax will wear off in approximately 5 to 8 weeks, heavily depended on the climate, meaning a shorter life span for your carnauba wax coat in a hot climate. If you enjoy regular waxing, then the life span of a carnauba wax is just one more reason to indulge in your favourite hobby.

Paint sealants are made of synthetic ingredients that contain polymers that bond to your vehicle’s paint forming a rigid shell, they last longer, are easier to apply but they lack the warmth and depth of a carnauba. A premium paint sealant can last 4 to 6 months, sometimes longer.

Waxing/Sealing needs:Waxing 2

Always washed the car thoroughly and dried in shade

Check if claying is required prior to sealing and waxing

A foam polishing pad/waxing pad

2 soft microfibre cloths.


  • Apply car wax or paint sealant, panel by panel in a straight line method until covering the whole car.

  • Always apply a thin coat of car wax or paint sealant, you're not going to achieve extra shine with a thicker coat, it just make wax or sealant difficult to remove and streaky. If a second coat is required, leave the first coat to cure overnight before applying the second coat (layering). Curing time is usually about 12 -15 hours.

  • Buff the haze away with a microfiber cloth folded in 4, in the opposite direction of how you applied and turn the cloth frequently to avoid smearing.

  • If you do get smear, streaks or an uneven shine, it’s easily corrected with a quick detail spray. Mist the surface and buff away with a second cloth.