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CCS 6.5" Pads

Conventional foam pads absorb polish too quickly. This reduces polish and pad performance because most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS technology™ solves this common problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells.


  • SLOW RATE OF POLISH ABSORBTION - Enhances polish performance.
  • IMPROVES OPERATOR CONTROL - CCS pockets gradually release polish as needed by the operator.
  • PREVENTS PAD SKIPPING - CCS pockets reduce surface tension allowing operator to run pad flat on working surface.
  • CREATES LESS HEAT - CCS pockets reduce surface contact resulting in less friction-generated heat.
  • OEM APPROVED - OEM tests confirm CCS pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.
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The CCS Black Finishing Flat Pad is a soft polishing pad ideally used to remove light buffing trails and perfect for applying liquid waxes, finishing...

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