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Washing and drying are important steps to maintain your car paint finish. Most swirls or spider webbing and scratches are caused by poor washing and drying technique. For further tips on washing and drying technique please refer to detailing tips. Proper washing with the right equipment will further protect your finish and minimise the risk of washing induced marring.


Foam GunFoam Gun

A Foam Gun is a tool to help reduce the risk of swirls and scratches to the paint finish. You can use it alone as a pre-soak before washing – the mixture of foam and water will help loosen dirt from the paint. Use it as a lubricant for your wash mitt - to help prevent washing induced marring. Or even better, use it for both pre-soak and washing aid.



A good quality PH neutral car shampoo, unlike a dish soap, will have good cleaning agents and lubricants that will help loosen, remove and wash away the dirt without leaving scratches and would not strip away wax or sealant.

Poorboy’s Super Slick and Suds

Poorboy’s Slick & Wax

Poorboy's Spray & Wipe


Bug Wash

Use as a pre-soak before washing for bumpers, side mirror covers, grills, etc. to help loosen bugs so they can easily be removed during washing.

Poorboy's Bug Squash


All Purpose Cleaner

Use as a pre-soak to remove dirt and dressing from wheel wells & tyres.

Poorboy’s All Purpose Cleaner


Grit GuardGrit Guard

It extracts grit and dirt from your wash mitt, sponge, towel and any other washing utensil when you rinse it against the Grit Guard. The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays clean.

Grit Guard


Wheel Cleaner

Use a quality cleaner occasionally if normal washing or all-purpose cleaners don't work.  

Poorboy’s Spray and Rinse



Use a good quality brush to clean the wheel without scratching and reach deep into the wheel to clean those hard to reach areas

Microfiber Wheel Wands

Microfiber Wheel Brush


Drying Towels

Chamois, absorber, plush microfiber towel, all will work well but when next shopping for drying towels do explore the option of acquiring a super absorbent microfiber Waffle Weave towel.


Finishing products will further enhance and protect the finish and it should not be neglected too or when doing a full detailing job.

Poorboy’s Spray and Gloss

Poorboy’s QD+

Poorboy’s Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing

Poorboy’s Trim Restorer