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   Spray & Gloss         Natty's Paste Wax Blue


By Matt O on 26.9.2014 


Poorboy's Spray & Gloss and Natty's Paste Wax Blue were extremely easy to use and I'm 

really happy to say that the product helped me maintain the polished finish for longer




      Polish with Sealant         Spray And Gloss          

  Polish With Sealant   Spray & Gloss


By Jonathan L on 16.8.2014

Poorboy’s Polish with Sealant. I used it on a Mazda after machine polishing and

the results were excellent with a shine and wet look.

Water beads up well when raining and washing and the clean look seemed to stay longer.

Poorboy's Spray and Gloss product is great as a weekly top up after washing.

Excellent value and easy to use to achieve a show room shine





Spray N Wipe Clay Bars White Diamond SSR 2.5 Pro Polish Natty's Paste Wax 6.5" Foam Wool Pad QD+

Spray & Wipe     Clay Bar      White Diamond    SSR 2.5         Pro Polish      Natty's Wax   6.5" Wool Pad        QD+


By Leo C on 12. 8. 2014

Tried to restore my 89 Celica with some reputable products on the market but it didn’t help.

Then I found Poorboy’s products which was introduced by a colleague,

it is very easy to use and the result is very pleasing.

I tested the products on the front bonnet and the shine is insane, looks just like new.     





        Natty's Blue               black hole                  

Natty's Paste Wax Blue         Black Hole


By Scott A on 28.7.2014

Natty’s Blue is a smooth, fairly easy to apply paste wax. Not a super hard consistency

but easy to apply with a foam applicator. It gives a great deep shine with wet finish.

I have used this on top of Black Hole on my solid black car and love the finish.




    paint perfection kit

Paint Perfection Kit


By Anna L on 25.7.2014 

The Poorboy’s products are amazing. I bought a white car so scratches and swirls

doesn’t show as obvious as darker coloured car, lately has been flat and dull in the colour

and I email DE1 for a bit of advice and bought a Paint Perfection package for light coloured car,

followed the tips provided by DE1 to use clay bar and the end results are the car feeling silky smooth

and the depth in the paint is amazing, which I never thought could be achieved on a light coloured car.

Thanks Guys




    Clay Bar      New Car Kit          QD+


By Jim P on 21.7.2014 

Very good value for money, this Poorboy’s products was recommended by a staff at DE1 CCP

and I am very pleased with the results. I lived a busy lifestyle but still want my car to look immaculate

and the staff at DE1 recommended a few quick routine tips that helped me heaps.

Although it took a bit of time to clay the car before applying the product,

thereafter it's just routine wash and finish with QD+, it hasn't stood the test of time yet

but I am quite happy to recommend this to my friends and colleagues,  hope it will stand up to its claims.